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About Us

In The Beginning . . .

Willow Way began in 1996 in a kitchen like so many other Handcrafted Soapmaking businesses have. Debi, my mate and partner found a little book called "The Soap Book", written by Sandy Maine of SunFeather Natural Soaps; a book on making cold processed soap. We made our first batch of soap and loved it. Because we both love nature, herbal crafts and of course, health and well being, we were naturally drawn, to this clean art.

There were many reasons for creating a soap making business. It is good for the Earth and contributes to humanity in a very positive way. Of course we would be helping ourselves gain further independence, freedom, and.....we knew one day; there would be a way to share our good fortune. That day was not long coming; as < Necessity > the < Mother of Invention >, was knocking on the barn door.

It wasn't long until we had out grown the space in our kitchen and moved our soap making operation into the barn. Having 20 years of previous hard won business experience in construction, retail, and various art forms, we had a knack for finding the "easier way" to work. Finding a way of cutting soap, evenly and consistently, became a crusade. Finding a way to pour more soap in a smaller space and faster, was a constant problem. Since 1996, We have not met a soap maker yet that ever anticipated their rate of growth and need for space until they had "Hit the Wall" once or twice.
After numerous trials and tribulations, failed experiments and frustrations, we finally came up with a < sort of soap cutter > that worked. Our next challenge was pouring soap into a decent soap mold. We knew that a block mold was the way; larger pours, less space, better saponification. We tried them all, milk cartons, cardboard boxes, plywood boxes, we then devised a heavy-duty plastic mold that kept getting larger and larger.

In late 1996, we met Eric Bowman , a master machinist and inventor that has become a good friend and colleague. Our first Air Soap Cutter was constructed. As soon as we cut the first 90 lb block of soap, we knew this was something that other soap makers would want and that this would be a “True Service”, helping others to grow their soap making business with Willow Way Soapmaking Equipment.

We have been through a lot of ups and downs in devising and manufacturing soap making equipment, sometimes thinking; "Why don't we find something easier to make a living at?" but it always came down to our mission in life...Service...service to humanity, to ourselves and to the Earth. One can only do their best; and to share what they do best is always the easiest way to offer service.

So, in this website you will find the fruits of many years of trial and error, love and care, perseverance and discipline.

Willow Way Equipment makes the finest handmade soap making equipment on the planet. Every piece of our equipment is durable, made with care, made to last, practical, and is constantly under our scrutiny for possible improvement.

Our Air Soap Cutter is the ultimate in soap cutting; our custom made soap molds are practically indestructible and our oil heaters are the fastest and easiest way to free up pouring time.

You have our promise that our service will be impeccable and our products as perfect as we can possibly make them.

We now make equipment for glycerin soap ( M&P); liquid soap, bath bomb, soap stamp, hot processed soap and many more body care products.

We will continue to work diligently, to ultimately carry a full line of soap making supplies and equipment.

Keep tuning in, you never know when that soap stamper, bath bomb press or wish, may suddenly appear!

Please feel free to send us your ideas and wishes that might help us to improve our products and add more to our line.

Our Mission

To provide a simple, cost-effective method for start-up as well as more established companies to expand their soapmaking business.

We began our efforts in 1996, are privately funded, and have a diverse management team well suited for this enterprise. Our business backgrounds have taught us that responsive customer service is the key to success.

At SoapEquipment.com and Willow Way, LLC our phones will be answered and our address is prominently displayed.

We look forward to serving all your Soap Making needs.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide will be kept confidential and used to support your customer relationship with SoapEquipment.com and Willow Way, LLC. Among other things, we want to help you quickly find information on SoapEquipment.com and alert you to product upgrades, special offers, updated information and other new products and services from SoapEquipment.com and Willow Way, LLC.

Information regarding you (such as name, address and phone number) or your order and the products you purchase will not be given or sold to any outside organization.

We will send you information about our various products and services, or other products and services we feel may be of interest to you.

At any time you can easily opt-out of receiving further marketing from SoapEquipment.com and Willow Way, LLC.

Contact Us - Customer FeedBack

Customer FeedBack is Everything...
We can’t help you improve your business
without at least some of you helping us improve ours.

We love hearing your comments. In fact, a significant portion of SoapEquipment.com's evolution can be traced back to the comments and feedback we’ve received over the years. We love seeing how people are using our soap making equipment and soap making systems and hearing ways in which we can help improve it for you.

If you dislike something about our service, know of something that would improve its functionality, have something on a wish list that you would really like to see, or want to tell us about anything we’ve done right so far (we like hearing the good stuff too!) tell us about it!

We're not going to say we can jump on every change or idea right away, things take time, but we also know that we can’t think of everything, especially when considering the hundreds of different applications our equipment and systems are being used in.

Lastly, we just want to say Thank You; both from SoapEquipment.com and Willow Way, LLC.

We've been designing and developing soap making equipment since 1996 and have successfully served our handcrafted industry to over 63 Countries and 1,400 Cities. Seeing how our customers use our equipment and systems, talking over problems you encounter and watching people, some completely new to the handcrafted industry, excel using our systems has really been an inspiration.

So Thank You, and if you have something to say, say it, because SoapEquipment.com is listening.

Willow Way LLC

WaxMelt.com is a division of Willow Way, LLC.

Please visit our main site for all your soap making and candle melting needs at SoapEquipment.com

This site is owned and operated by Willow Way, LLC and SoapEquipment.com - Trusted Names in the HandCrafted Bodycare Industry since 1996.

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